Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Internet Security Programs

As the importance of the Internet in day-to-day life has increased, so has the need for Internet security. The lurking risk of viruses, spyware, Internet frauds, scams and identity thieves all point to this ever-growing need. A great way to ensure a smooth Internet experience is to install a good Internet security program. Free Internet security programs are the easiest and chosen route for many. There are numerous no-cost programs available, but one must choose reliable and popular software to get the best of both worlds.

Avast Home Edition
One of the biggest threats to an Internet-connected PC is the infamous virus. A good virus-protection software is a great way to secure your Internet expeditions. As one of the most popular free programs around, Avast Home Edition secures your PC against viruses proactively. The most noticeable feature of Avast is its boot-time antivirus scan, which detects and removes viruses at the time of system boot. The protection is real-time and proactive. If you hit a page with malicious program or codes, Avast instantly detects the malicious element(s) and alerts you so you can block the connection to that particular site. CNET rates this software with 5/5 stars.

Spyware Doctor
Spyware is a program that get installed on your computer and acts as a threat to personal information stored on your system. There is spyware that can relay the information back to the creators and can wreck havoc for you in more ways than one: Virtual criminals can steal bank passwords, Social Security numbers and any other sensitive information that is stored on your system. Spyware Doctor is an award-winning program that can detect and remove/block all kinds of spyware threats. Another benefit is the on-guard mechanism that monitors your PC for any threats on an ongoing basis automatically.

Zone Alarm
Zone Alarm is a firewall program that seeks to protect your PC from hackers and identity theft. The program controls your system's gateway to the Internet and provides access to programs you are familiar with and approve. Another feature is the Internet lock that blocks Internet traffic when the computer or Internet connection is not in use.

There are various free Internet security programs on the market, including the ones mentioned above. Most of them have exceptional features and functions that are on par with paid software. Plus, a number of them have been tested by many popular reviewers such as CNET. If one opts to go for a free Internet security program, it's best to examine its reviews.

Free software is the easiest and chosen route for many. However, one must consider the cons, as well, before installing free Internet security programs. There are many lesser-known software products that disguise themselves as free Internet security programs but they are really malware programs. These malware programs often contain hidden codes that may put your computer and all of your personal information within easy reach of hackers. This is a serious issue considering that the very program that you intend to use to secure yourself from Internet risks and frauds can be the instrument for breaching your security.

Unlike most of the more reputable free programs out there which provide enough functionality to adequately protect your PC, some free programs are usually demo versions, which will not be effective after a specified period of time. In this case, you may have to make some payment to reactivate the program. For a hassle-free Internet experience, it is essential that there are some security measures intact on the system. Such limited access and functionality does no good for your Internet security. So, when searching for a free Internet security program, be sure to look for those that do not expire after a trial period.

Source: eHow


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