Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Best Spyware & Security Programs

Spyware is a type of malware that secretly installs itself onto a computer without the owner's permission. The program slows the computer's network connection and puts strain on the computer's memory, tracks Internet activity on the computer, and can even redirect an Internet browser to go to a specific website. Spyware is hard to remove, but many anti-spyware and computer security programs are available for computer users to help get rid of infections.

Spy Sweeper:
Spy Sweeper rates in the top ten of many anti-spyware review lists, including TopTenReviews.com and PC Magazine. Spy Sweeper is a standalone anti-spyware tool, meaning that the program doesn't come equipped to handle any other kind of malware removal. Because spyware often evolves to become harder to detect, Spy Sweeper constantly evolves as well, being updated regularly to keep up with trends in spyware. Another perk of Spy Sweeper is that it utilizes a minimal amount of memory, making it easy to run undetected. Spy Sweeper runs as a real-time background scanner. The program comes with free Internet and phone technical support.

Sunbelt Software's CounterSpy ranks highly in anti-spyware products, as noted by PC World. CounterSpy protects Internet-connected computers from spyware infections by running quietly in the background. This program detects several different malware types, such as spyware, adware and rootkits. CounterSpy also acts as a privacy protection tool by erasing web browsing history. CounterSpy has a feature known as FirstScan that performs a complete deep scan of the computer upon start-up. The ease of use and high rate of spyware detection are what make CounterSpy a high-rated anti-spyware program.

PC Tools Internet Security 2010:
PC Tools offers a total Internet security system that rates well among computer authorities. This system features their Spyware Doctor software and anti-spam and anti-phishing protection, plus a Firewall and other browsing security features. Internet Security has a Browser Defender website that runs in real-time to detect potentially harmful sites and warn computer users against suspicious links. Internet Security runs in real time for maximum protection rates. In PC Magazine's testing, Internet Security scored 9.7 out of 10 for malware blocking.

Ad-Aware Pro:
Ad-Aware, created by Lavasoft, is an anti-malware program that offers real-time protection known as Ad-Watch Live against harmful infections. Ad-Aware Pro features two different modes--simple and advanced. Many users find they can stick with simple mode all the time, letting them do full scans or faster smart scans. Advanced mode is for specific configuration and scheduled scanning setup. This program protects against rootkits, spyware, and other malware. It will also clean Internet history for better privacy.

Source : eHow


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