Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Internet Security Systems

Norton AntiVirus 2010

Symantec leads the market for security software with Norton AntiVirus 2010. The $18.99 to $49.99 suite gets a four out of five-star rating from consumer review and news website CNET because of its robust features that guard users during all the major tasks of computing. Norton also taps its users as a resource to learn of emerging threats and provides diagnostics, which tell a user about his computer's speed and ways to optimize it. Norton AntiVirus works with Windows Vista and XP.

Kaperksy Anti-Virus 2010

Kaperksy Anti-Virus 2010 is also among the best Internet security systems available and gets a "very good" rating from software critics at CNET. It costs $21 to $31 and works on Windows 7, XP and Vista. Like Norton, Kapersky harnesses user data and behavior in its search for emerging threats. It's fully featured and can confront malicious software in emails, web pages and downloads, as well as phishing attempts. This software also includes identity theft protection.

Avast! 2009

Windows Vista, XP and 7, as well as Mac and Linux users, can get leading Internet security system Avast! Antivirus for free. It's among the top-rated antivirus products in the world, and it's developed by ALWIL Software in Prague, Czech Republic. Unlike other security programs, Avast! installs quickly, but, like others, it sends daily updates to your virus database. These updates contain information on the latest security risks and how to spot them. Avast! also offers "shields" of protection during peer-to-peer actions and instant messaging. Peer-to-peer sharing and instant messaging are popular avenues of viral attack.

Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010

Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2010 is one of the best Internet security software offerings reviewed by It guards three of your PCs and gives you the option to copy your data to its remote servers. If something happens to your copy, Webroot has a backup. Webroot also provides gaming and movie modes that won't dog down your computer when gaming or streaming. The $59.95 program works on computers running Windows Vista or Windows XP.

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