Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Computer security

Whether you are using a computer at your office or at your home.. whatever it is , computer security is must. Make sure your computer is save from viruses and spywares. It is very easy for hackers to hack your computer and get your all details and use them in their favor. Here are some tips for computer security -


è The most important is installing anti-virus software. There are many antivirus  and spyware removal deals and packages are available in the market. There are free services and paid services as well. These services check and scan your computer periodically and make sure you are maintaining your antivirus software. As there are so many viruses which are being discovered every day. Better keep an eye on it and check updates from your antivirus software vendor.

è The other important factor is the spam mails you receive in your mail box. It’s better not to open those emails as they contain virus. They attempt to trick you into becoming a participant in the process. The latest viruses can “spoof” the sending email address so that it looks like it is coming from someone other than the computer that infected it.

è If the sender is unknown then don’t open that email, better delete it, if you were really want to check it and read the message..Don’t click any link or download any attachment as the chances are that they are viruses in it.

è Keep your computer patched against known vulnerabilities. Almost as often as new viruses are discovered, new vulnerabilities are discovered as well. Many times they are in the operating system (like Windows), but vulnerabilities are also found in tools like your web browser, email software and other 3rd party tools. Left unpatched, these vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers to obtain access and control of your computer.

Make sure you stay updated with the new updates which are being provided by your vendor. If your computer is not secure...hackers can hack it nay time… May be they are actually peeping into your computer or laptop. Keep a check on your computer security and maintain your PC- health.

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