Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Protect Computer from Cyber Attack

The shocking news is that it is nearly impossible to protect oneself from the kind of cyber attack that targeted Google Inc. and more than 30 other companies. But for the average computer user there are some common-sense steps that can help protect against viruses and other malicious computer code.

Install antivirus software. This can protect a computer against known malevolent programs that could allow a hacker to hack personal information. Cyber criminals release thousands of new programs each day so it is important to update antivirus software.

Install software patches. Companies such as Microsoft Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. are constantly issuing small updates to the Windows operating system and PDF reader in response to newly identified security bugs. Users should be sure to install these so-called patches.

Be suspicious. Consider attachments to emails, links on social-networking sites and files for download on Web sites guilty until proven innocent. These are the most common ways that criminals load malicious software onto a victim's computer. Sign out of your Gmail account when using a public computer and clear the Web browser's cache, cookies and history. Then close the browser.

People with access to sensitive information need to take extra precautions. They could be targeted by a hacker who could takes steps, including sending malicious software in an email, that appears to come from someone the victim knows. One way to guard against this is to encrypt important files. Also, businesses should deploy systems that track where sensitive information is being sent.

Use strong passwords. Create passwords that are a mix of numbers, letters and symbols. Don't use common words or personal information. Don't use the same password on multiple sites. Put one on your cellphone.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Install Antivirus to Make PC Secure

In today's scenario, security of your computer system from intruders has become a difficult task. Intruders can access your important data and may harm your computer system. Your computer system becomes more vulnerable to malicious programs in case an updated antivirus is not installed on it. The reason behind this is the fact that any malicious program like virus, worm can enter into your system from many ways.

Malicious programs get installed on your computer system when you browse infected websites on the internet, when you download any infected software, when you open an infected e-mail message and so. If you want to protect your computer system from these malicious programs, then you have to install updated antivirus software on your computer system.

Why you should install antivirus?

Antivirus software offers computer security and protection from malicious programs like virus, worm, Trojan horse and other harmful things. The role of an antivirus is to check all the files for presence of viruses or any malicious program. In case it detects any viruses, it will suggest suitable action to remove them from your computers.

After installation of antivirus software, you should update it whenever anew update is available. If you have the latest antivirus program installed in your PC you will be able to identify newly discovered viruses and security threats. You should select an antivirus program depending upon your usage of computer and Internet.

If you are downloading any antivirus software from Internet, then you should investigate about the source of antivirus. In case the source is not legitimate you might end up installing some viruses along with the software causing harm for the health of your computer.

Antivirus software make use of many methods for identifying viruses. Some of the most common methods are signature based detection, heuristic based detection, and many more. In the signature based detection, antivirus software compares the content of files with virus signature. Heuristic based approach is used to identify unknown viruses.

So, you should install antivirus software for protecting your computer system and confidential information from intruders. Antivirus software will scan your computer system periodically. It will also scan incoming e-mail attachments and make sure that your computer is safe, secure, and healthy.

Source: Install Antivirus to Make PC Secure